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20 Ways to Make a Difference

At LeadCity Youth, we believe that the power of small acts can make a big difference. Whether you have hours a week to give back, or just a few minutes a day - here's a list of 20 ways you can make a difference!

  1. Organize a Fundraiser: From bake sales to fun runs to community organized fundraisers, the possibilities are endless! Use the funds you raise to support a cause close to your heart!

  2. Engage in a Random Act of Kindness: Pay for someone’s coffee, write a heartfelt note, or simply give a smile – these little acts can make someone's day!

  3. Donate old clothing: Have clothes that no longer fit? Instead of just getting rid of them, donate to a local organization or charity drop box to support families in your community.

  4. Volunteer at Local Schools: Your skills, whether it's reading stories or tutoring, can make a difference in a child's education.

  5. Birthday Pledge: Instead of gifts, ask friends and family to make a small donation to your favorite charity.

  6. Gift Your Skills: Are you a photographer, writer, or artist? Offer your services for free or at a discounted rate to nonprofits.

  7. Educate: Share statistics with your network about causes that matter to you.

  8. Become a Monthly Donor: Supporting charities on a monthly basis ensures ongoing support for children in need. Want to become a monthly donor for LeadCity Youth? Click here and select ‘monthly’!

  9. Shop Mindfully: Support brands and companies that give back a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes.

  10. Organize a Book Drive: Books can open up worlds for kids. Collect and donate to local libraries, schools, or shelters.

  11. Mentor a Child: Your guidance can shape a young mind and give them hope and direction.

  12. Knit or Crochet: Use your skills to make scarves, hats, or mittens for children in colder areas.

  13. Start a Community Garden: Not only does this provide fresh food, but it also teaches kids the importance of nutrition and hard work.

  14. Adopt a Family: During the holidays, consider "adopting" a family in need, providing them with gifts, warm clothing, and festive meals.

  15. Spread the Word: Talk about LeadCity Youth or other causes close to your heart. Awareness is the first step towards change.

  16. Set Up a Donation Box: At your workplace or school, set up a box for collecting clothes, toys, or school supplies.

  17. Host a Charity Event: Movie nights, craft fairs, or dance-a-thons! A fun event can also serve a noble cause.

  18. Support Local Art and Culture: Attend local plays, exhibitions, and other cultural events. Many artists and cultural groups rely on community support.

  19. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. By recycling and reducing waste, you can help protect the environment for future generations.

  20. Simply Listen: Sometimes, just lending a listening ear to someone in need can make all the difference.

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